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NAACP Milwaukee: links to reports created by the Crime and Justice Institute per requirements of the ACLU Settlement Agreement

City of Milwaukee Settlement Agreement Crime and Justice Institute Reports. Charles Collins, et al. v. the City of Milwaukee, et al. lawsuit.  ( The FPC is uploading the MPD data required by the Settlement Agreement here: Crime and Justice Institute visits FPC March 27, 2019 (video) First Annual Report September 2019 Semiannual Analysis […]

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NAACP Milwaukee speaks with County Executive and African American Affairs regarding disparities for African Americans in Skill trade jobs

[Released 08/29/19] County Executive Chris Abele The County Executive Chris Abele has been the first government leader to respond to the NAACP’S request to meet with us and discuss the critical situation that African Americans face as it relates to being unable to find meaningful jobs that will keep them out of prison. Also with […]

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NAACP Milwaukee’s Collective Core Issues 2020-21

Clarence Nicholas, President The Milwaukee Black Membership Organizations GOTV Collaborative Collective Core Issues 1.     Education Work to stop the school-to-prison pipeline. There are disciplinary processes but the actions are not equivalent to the city ordinances or state statutes. The current civil rights investigations are regarding MPS for the higher rates of suspensions towards African-American children. […]

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