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Core Initiatives

In 2022, we hope you will support the NAACP Milwaukee Branch as we work to Build a Healthy Milwaukee

Here are the four key areas of our work for the year!

Contract for Black America:

  • Education: Ensure every student of color receives a quality public education that prepares him or her to be a contributing member of a democracy.
  • Criminal Justice: Create sweeping police reform—federal legislation mandating a zero-tolerance approach in penalizing and/or prosecuting police officers who kill unarmed, non-violent, and non-resisting individuals in an arrest.
  • Healthcare: Ensure quality affordable health care for all people.
  • Economic Development: Address the challenging economic realities facing our communities including poverty, lack of jobs and disproportionate high unemployment, lack of affordable housing, foreclosures, etc.

Encourage your networks to also support the NAACP’s movement to build political power and ensure the well-being of Black communities

Clarence P. Nicholas, President