We, the members of the Milwaukee Branch NAACP, will:

1. Fight for the enforcement of Community Participation in Development Agreements City Ordinance 355

2. Support an alternative to widening I-94 by Miller Parkway that includes resurfacing the current highway and increasing alternative intermodal transportation to job hubs in Washington, Ozaukee, and Waukesha counties
3.  Strongly encourage reconfiguration of the Fire and Police Commission’s composition and appointment process to mirror that of the City of Milwaukee’s Ethics Board with the inclusion of representation from the Hispanic community and one appointment on behalf of the Mayor

4. Monitor HUD Tax Credits used in multi-unit housing developments to provide affordable housing to low income residents of Milwaukee to ensure the intended audience is benefiting from those tax credits

5. Look into the diversity of upper and middle-level executives in various industries by looking into the affirmative action plans and also at the board of directors ethnic and gender composition

6. Encourage Milwaukee Public School Board members to reduce the initial Charter School Contract given from five years to two years

7.  Support the decriminalization of possession of twenty-three grams or less of marijuana by supporting any legislation that would make this a municipal citation violation

8.  Support responsible gun ownership legislation. The legislation language should include requiring any gun owner of the Metropolitan Milwaukee area to report lost or stolen guns. Guns used in the commission of a crime should not be allowed to be returned to the owner and straw gun purchases and sales should be prohibited

9.  Strongly encourage any community benefits associated with the building of the new Milwaukee Bucks Arena to provide funding of universal drivers’ education in Milwaukee Public Schools for the next ten years.
The NAACP Milwaukee Branch believes with the successful implementation of these initiatives, our community will finally move beyond poverty.
Fred Royal, President – NAACP Milwaukee Branch