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NAACP Milwaukee Candidates Consent and Nominees Forms 2020

NAACP Milwaukee Candidate Consent Form:

    I, , consent to serve as a candidate for office of (examples of Committee chairs) or at-large Executive Committee member of the Branch. If elected, I agree to serve and abide by the policies, principles, and procedures of the NAACP, I agree to complete Executive Training on or before May 31st 2021.

    For the purpose of serving as a candidate for an elected office I affirm that I have been a bona fide member of the Branch as of May 1st, 2020, that my membership has remained continuous, and that I live and/or work within the jurisdiction of the Branch.

    Typing in your full name and today's date serves as a digital signature:

    NAACP Milwaukee Nominee Form:

      We, the undersigned wish to nominate, , for the office of or as a at-large Executive Committee member of the Executive Branch.
      (A valid petition must contain at least 3 signatures, other than the candidate's)

      For purpose of signing this petition, one must be a current member in good standing 30 days prior to the meeting.

      Name of Petitioner, Date, Email address, NAACP ID#:

      , ,

      , ,

      , ,

      , ,

      , ,

      Alternatively you can download both forms from this link, fill out, and email to or fax to 414-562-1091

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