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NAACP Milwaukee and the Black Health Coalition of Wisconsin is providing culturally relevant information regarding the history of immunizations

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The Milwaukee Black Immunization Project (MBIP) — Concluded

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The MBIP is a new Black Health Coalition of Wisconsin (BHCW) project funded by the State of Wisconsin Immunization Program. (BHCW) is working with the State to provide culturally relevant information regarding the history of immunizations in the United States and the current status regarding flu vaccines and COVID19 for the black community in the city and county of Milwaukee.

The MBIP has the following objectives:

1.To recruit members of the Black community to participate in an educational session on the historical context of Black people regarding immunizations and vaccine research.

2.To participate in a focus group relative to the subject of immunizations and/or vaccines without fear of condemnation or ridicule.

3.To train those members who have been educated on the issues related to immunizations and vaccines to teach others.

4.The MBIP will develop an immunization coalition which will be made up of community members and community organizations. It will develop recommendations to the State regarding immunizations and vaccines.

    Register for the the Milwaukee Black Immunization Project (MBIP)

    Alternatively you can download the MBIP Registration form: click here and email the completed form to,, and or fax it to 414-562-1091