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NAACP Milwaukee Ballot 2022

    To get started, you will need your NAACP Membership ID # and your membership must be active. If you need assistance finding your NAACP Membership ID # or to know your NAACP Membership status, please email or call 414-562-1000.
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    Branch Election Ballot 2022

    Office Ballot of the Milwaukee Branch National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Election held at Milwaukee Branch (Unit 3254)

    Branch Officers

    To vote, click or tap on the button beside the name of your candidate

    Clarence P. Nicholas
    Fred Royal Jr.
    Paul Blackman
    Frederick Nelson
    Eric Johnson

    Members of the Executive Committee

    Mary Walker
    Atty. William Sulton

    A valid NAACP Member # is required to cast a ballot.

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    Thank you again from the NAACP Milwaukee Branch!