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Wendell Harris serves as first Vice-Chair of the Wisconsin NAACP, the founder of Wendell J. Harris & Associates, LLC, and was elected to the MPS School Board for District #2 in April 2015. Born in Arkansas, Mr. Harris served in the Air Force and worked for A.O. Smith for 30 years, where he was on the Executive Board of Smith Steelworkers, DALU 19806, AFL-CIO for eight years.  He retired after the company was sold in 1998 and has since been involved in numerous community efforts to combat crime and drug abuse in the city of Milwaukee. He and his wife, Rozalia, reside in the Enderis Park Neighborhood of Milwaukee’s North-west Side. MPS’s 2nd District covers a large part of the North and West Sides from near Timmerman Field to the much of the Washington Heights and Sherman Park Neighborhoods.  Approximately 75,000 people reside in the District and there are 20 MPS schools, including German and French Immersion Schools, Craig Montessori and the Milwaukee School of Languages.