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2745 N Dr Martin Luther King Jr Dr, Suite 202, Milwaukee

NAACP | Milwaukee endorses League of Martin

NAACP | Milwaukee endorses League of Martin’s President Sheronda Grant’s and Vice President Troy Johnson’s efforts in bringing racial equity to the Milwaukee Police Department.

The League of Martin (LOM) is an organization of African American Police Officers. LOM became a chartered organization in 1974 and took its name from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The mission of LOM is to empower African American members of law enforcement based on the philosophy of Dr. King.

Members of LOM adhere to the principle that honesty and integrity are life-long values. The reverence to high-integrity values of LOM members act as a barrier against monetary temptations to compromise their oath to protect and serve the community.

LOM will not stand silent as non-minorities orchestrate and implement programs of social change in the minority community that encourage dependence over self-reliance. LOM and its members will address quality of life issues that impact the community.

LOM will be a voice that shapes positive change in our community. We recognize that only through the empowering of African American officers will that voice be the vehicle that mobilize long overdue changes in “policing the minority communities.”

We will always be an organization of members devoting our careers to empowering the African American officer and an unaltered commitment to being honest and value-guided when interacting with our community.

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