The Apprenticeship In Medicine (AIM) program at Medical College of Wisconsin emphasizes academic preparation, achievement and career awareness. Deadline to apply: March 1st, 2019 Apply Now

Other great opportunities:

Research Opportunity for Academic Development in Science (ROADS): a stimulating seven-week summer program where high school students participate as an active member of a research team with the goal of preparing them for the rigors of college. Students learn strategies to improve upon their learning skills and increase their scientific knowledge. They are exposed to a variety of professional development seminars, biomedical innovation and career exploration. More info

Diversity Summer Health-related Research Education Program (DSHREP): is a ten-week program where undergraduate and graduate students are provided with information about career opportunities in medicine and biomedical research in an invigorating educational environment. The intention of this program is to develop an understanding of critical issues in basic science and clinical research. More info

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