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NAACP Milwaukee speaks with County Executive and African American Affairs regarding disparities for African Americans in Skill trade jobs

NAACP Milwaukee

[Released 08/29/19]

County Executive Chris Abele

The County Executive Chris Abele has been the first government leader to respond to the NAACP’S request to meet with us and discuss the critical situation that African Americans face as it relates to being unable to find meaningful jobs that will keep them out of prison.

Also with him was Nicole Brookshire, the first director of Milwaukee County’s Office on African American Affairs (MCOAAA). We found it noteworthy that he did not seem to mind discussing racism as a leading factor for the problems that African Americans are facing in Milwaukee. In fact his Resolution set forth in June of this year, speaks directly to factors of racism drafted partially by him states how racism has caused A Health Related Crisis in Milwaukee County.

Also Nicole Brookshire, the first director of Milwaukee County’s Office on African American Affairs (MCOAAA) assured us she was available for discussing ongoing problems the branch felt necessary to pursue.

While these revelations were encouraging, we needed to stay focus on what they were going to do as related to improving the skilled trade’s epidemic in the Milwaukee County for African Americans.

The County Executive’s responses were positive.

The NAACP constitution say’s this branch has an obligation, “to inform the public of the adverse effects of racial discrimination and to seek its elimination”

That’s exactly what this Milwaukee Branch intends to do, by sharing with the public the history of the fifteen year war we are still having with the Milwaukee construction industry.

The NAACP labor & industry auxiliary committee’s struggle with this devastating problem began in 2004 and is continuing today. The details of this ongoing war, has been captured brilliantly, and displayed in book form for all to see.

We have sent copies of the books draft to government leaders which includes alderpersons and members of the state legislators, and news outlets. We want to remind them, the number one problems for African Americans in Milwaukee is unemployment, meaningful jobs, and mass incarceration. They are connected.

The goals, of the branch is to make a documentary video of the book and share it with everyone.

In addition, we have invited the leadership of each branch of government, the state, the county, and the city. To meet with the committee, and explain why, after sixty years of barriers that have prevented people of color from entering the skilled trades in Milwaukee, when there were and still are eel and aap laws and regulations in plain sight, that could and would prevent those discriminatory practices from occurring.

First Vice President: Clarence Nicholas

Second Vice President: Paul Blackman